11 July 2014 by Groupe Renault - Event

Behind the scenes of “Write the Change” with New Twingo

Last week we were at a most intriguing photo shoot with New Twingo. Renault’s latest is starring in the photonovels being put together for “Write the Change”, a contest run in partnership with WeLoveWords. We were fascinated to see how the winning stories were being illustrated in the studio.

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04 January 2013 by Groupe Renault - Heritage

The Dacia saga #1: 1965-1999, a romanian brand

It's a fact, the Dacia range is undergoing a renewal, to the great pleasure of the eyes and the wallet. In just a few months, Lodgy and Dokker have been revealed, followed by New Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan. This should speed up the brand's success. Now, what about retracing its history? In this first post, let's review the 35 years that preceded Logan...

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