by Groupe Renault

China at the crossroads

As part of a four-episode video series on where EV is taking off around the world, this instalment takes us to China.

CHINADid you know that China accounts for one quarter of global car sales? It’s the largest automobile market in the world with over 20 million vehicles sold in 2014. But with the country’s rising level of prosperity have come incredible levels of pollution and congestion. As the nations of the world meet in Paris for the COP21 global climate summit, the Chinese capital's first ever pollution “red alert” came into effect.

Today, China stands at a crossroads. How can its economy continue to grow without increasing the health risks for its citizens? To lower vehicle emissions, cars and trucks are increasingly under scrutiny. Policy makers are tightening fuel standards and promoting electric vehicles.

This video gives you insight into the challenges and EV opportunities in China.


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