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First birthday for ZOE: coming back on the story of the EV range flagship

Today Renault ZOE celebrated its first birthday in Chateau de Versailles with jounalists and customers. One year after its launch in December 2012, ZOE has already sold 10,000 units. 98% of the clients are satisfied, one of the best satisfaction rate of the Renault range. A beautiful story, which started in 2008, at the Davos Forum...

Remember : end of January 2008 at the Davos Forum, Carlos Ghosn announced the ambition of Renault to market a range of four electric vehicles. The flagship model was the project X10, a supermini designed as an all-electric vehicle, intended for mass marketing. This far-reaching mission was placed in the hands of the pre-project teams, who confirmed its technical and economic feasibility. This marked the starting point of the design process, organized on a competition basis.


 The first creative proposals adopted an extremely radical approach, but little by little, studies gradually converged towards a more rational approach. The aim was to design a car with a difference, but reflecting the formal cues of automotive design in its lines and proportions, so that it would be immediately accepted.


In 2010, a concept car, very close to the definitive mode, was presented at Paris Motorshow. It was welcomed with the same enthusiasm that surrounds the car today.

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