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Groupe Renault and Ticket for Change are calling for sustainable transport projects

Groupe Renault and its partner Ticket for Change are inviting projects from entrepreneurs having socially responsible sustainable transport projects in France.

Calls for projects

Entrepreneurs having an innovative sustainable transport project are invited to apply for inclusion in the Ticket for Change social entrepreneurship programme. Successful applicants will benefit from six months’ individualized support on setting up a socially-responsible startup, plus specialist assistance from Groupe Renault experts.
Projects at the most advanced stage may be eligible for individualized financial support from Mobiliz Invest (a subsidiary of Renault).

Information and application details

Mobiliz: an open-innovation approach on social entrepreneurship initiatives

Groupe Renault partners Ticket for Change on the increasingly important issues of sustainable transport and road safety. This initiative is in line with Groupe Renault’s innovative policy on new wide-access, socially-responsible transport solutions. Développer l’entrepreneuriat social dans le domaine de la mobilité est d’ailleurs l’objectif du programme Mobiliz.
Social entrepreneurship development in the field of transport is also the focus of the Mobiliz programme.

We’ve been supporting Ticket for Change from the outset because this comprehensive programme directly addresses people inspired by the prospect of changing the world for the better, with the ultimate aim of helping to build a fairer society. The partnership is rooted in our shared values of people-oriented cooperation and innovation.”

François Rouvier, Mobiliz programme chief

More information on the Renault Mobiliz programme



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