Carlos Ghosn meets some of the group’s new hires at Paris Motor Show 2018.

by Groupe Renault - Corporate

Meeting between Carlos Ghosn and new hires

On October 4, eighty-five new Groupe Renault recruits were invited to meet Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and to explore the Paris Motor Show. They got to discuss hot topics for the group and the car industry as a whole, and were keen to ask him for some advice. A review of a day where interaction and discovery were the watchwords.

They are just some of the 25,000 people hired by Groupe Renault worldwide in 2017. Representing a range of countries and all the company’s main business lines, these privileged few met Carlos Ghosn for an informal Q&A session.

New hires at Paris Motor Show 2018 in the Renault EZ-ULTIMO

New mobility services, trends in various markets... these were just some of the questions that gave them greater insight into the group’s strategy. Aware that the car industry is changing rapidly, these new talents are ready to rise to the technological challenges that await Groupe Renault and the Alliance.

Watch a video summary of the day:

An escape game set at the Paris Motor Show

Their day began with a tour of the Paris Motor Show, which had just opened to the public. The new hires had the chance to admire the latest models presented by the group and its rivals. They also took part in an escape game written specially for them. The budding inspectors were divided into about fifteen groups and had 45 minutes to check out the stands in search of clues to solve a puzzle. This game immersed the new recruits in Groupe Renault's 120-year history but also brought that story bang up to date, with an introduction to its brands and innovations, motor sport, and so on. The aim of the game was team bonding and multicultural interaction, leveraging their knowledge, curiosity and creativity!

“ I enjoyed so much to run on the Mondial and to find the guardians”
“ It was great to be in a team, running against time. The different cultures in the team helped!”

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