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Mégane R.S. guest stars in TV series The Transporter

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Mégane R.S. is coming to a screen near you ! Featuring in an episode of upcoming TV series The Transporter, directed by Brad Turner (24, Hawaii 5.0, Prison Break, Stargate), the show is coming out in the US on HBO in November  2012. The show is a spinoff of  "The Transporter" movie series starring Jason Statham, and tells the story of Frank Martin, a driver for hire, who will deliver anything, anywhere -no questions asked, for the right price. Mégane R.S. plays the role of the bad guy's ride... a.k.a "Wolf".

After spending 2 weeks on set in Paris, Mégane R.S. will appear in The Transporter's season 1 finale (episode 12), which promises to be a blockbuster, starting November 2012 in the US, and in the rest of the world in December 2012. On Mégane R.S.'s list: 20 scenes, 2 big stunt scenes and a breathtaking car chase.

The cast is dreamy with Chris Vance playing main character Frank Martin, beautiful Andrea Klara Osvart (Clara), Icelander actor Bjorg Thors (Wolf) and Frenchman François Bérléand (Tarconi).

See you beginning of 2013, to share your feedback on Mégane R.S. 's TV debut!

Tags: tv