by Caroline De Beaumont - Cars

New Captur: first exclusive photos, in the run-up to the Geneva Motor Show

Check out these preview shots of Renault Captur, top of the European urban crossover charts in 2016, and ready to take a starring role at the Geneva Motor Show in its brand new upgrade format.

Even more custom-colour choices

The New Captur colour range adds two new body colours, Orange Atacama and Ocean Blue, and a new roof colour, Platinum Grey, bringing the total number of possible colour combinations up over thirty.

And there are no fewer than six interior colour schemes to choose from.

2017 Crossover New Renault Captur

C-shape front light signature

Like the very latest Renault models, New Capture takes up Renault’s distinctive light signature, with C-shape LED daylight running lamps.

Tune in to our website — — Tuesday 7 March at 13:15 (CET) for live coverage of the Renault press conference and full details on New Captur!

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