Trafic Rider

by Groupe Renault - Cars

New Trafic is Kitt in “Knight Rider”

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“A lone crusader in a dangerous world.”. Does that remind you of anything? Discover our remake of “Knight Rider”, the 1980s cult TV show, starring New Trafic !

As you may remember, in “Knight Rider”, David Hasselhoff  or Michael Knight, drove around the country on board  his intelligent car on a mission to fight evil and defend the innocent.

Here, New Trafic is the loyal companion of Michael Craftsman, a “modern-day hero”, helping him as he goes about his day-to-day activities.

This offbeat version of the inseparable “knight and his steed” takes a humorous look at the close ties between self-employed craftsman/tradespeople and their business vehicles!

Meet  #TraficRider!

 Interior graphics used with permission from Nick Nugent ©2008 The Knight Rider Companion. All Rights Reserved

Tags: LCV new trafic