29 March 2019 by Aimee Sean - Event

China, a high-potential automotive market for Groupe Renault

Some 28.1 million cars were sold in China in 2018, making it the world’s largest automotive market. With a car ownership rate that remains low, at 141 cars per 1,000 inhabitants (compared with around 600 in Western Europe and 800 in the United States), the country is attracting carmakers. Groupe Renault's number-four market, China is one of the key pillars in the Drive the Future strategic plan owing to its strong growth potential. Renault’s strategy is based on three joint ventures. With a little over two weeks to go before the Shanghai Motor Show, we review the major trends in the Chinese automotive market.

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27 March 2019 by Valérie Calloch - CSR

The 2019 “Course du Coeur race”: Top Start!

The Course du Coeur race is a real extraordinary human chain. It brings together sports enthusiasts in relays for 4 days and 4 nights. The runners, true pugnacious and courageous competitors, are driven by a motivation that goes beyond anything else. The desire to raise awareness among the general public about organ donation. With the support of the Groupe Renault.

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05 March 2019 by Thomas AUDEBERT - Innovation

2019 Geneva International Motor Show: The All-new Renault Clio launches the Alliance’s CMF-B platform

Unveiled to the public at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, the All-new Renault Clio is the first vehicle to be designed based on the CMF-B platform, the Alliance’s most recent modular platform. The platform was designed to be used for a wide range of models and embodies the Drive the Future plan, featuring electric engines, advanced driving aids approaching self-driving technology and first-class connectivity technologies.

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05 March 2019 by Thomas AUDEBERT - Cars

2019 Geneva International Motor Show: The new TCe 100 engine underlines the versatility of the All-new Clio

The All-new Clio is the top attraction at the Renault Group’s stand at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show. Its many new features include the brand-new TCe 100 engine, the fruit of synergies within the Alliance. The engine has more power but consumes less fuel and comes with a manual, X-TRONIC and even a hybrid petrol/LPG gearbox option. The 1.0 TCe engine is the essence of the Clio’s versatility.

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05 March 2019 by Emmanuel GENTY - Cars

2019 Geneva international motor show: Groupe Renault’s hybrid E-TECH technology unveiled on the all-New Clio

The hybrid E-TECH engine is one of the key innovations in the All-new Clio. Presented at the Geneva International Motor Show and available from 2020, it combines dynamic driving with energy management like never before.
The hybrid E-TECH engine was developed in-house at Renault using innovative multi-patent technology. Groupe Renault’s extensive expertise in electric vehicles and hybrid engines, already common in Formula 1, went into the design, putting Renault’s hybrid E-TECH engine miles ahead of competing hybrid city cars.

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01 March 2019 by Valérie Calloch - Design

Immersion in the Renault design archive #4: Louis Morasse’s top picks

External evolution, internal revolution. The design of the New Clio marks a brand-new chapter in a story dating back more than 120 years: the opportunity to rediscover the richness of the Groupe Renault's heritage. More than 10,000 drawings and sketches have been inventoried in the company’s archives. Louis Morasse, Director of the Commercial Vehicle Design range, evokes some of these treasures.

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