Sunday 10 June 2012 by Groupe Renault - Event

Best of Busan Motor Show featuring SM3 Z.E. and Captur

The 2012 Busan Motor Show closed its doors after fifteen days of sheer madness. One figure sums up everything, over a million visitors flocked to this event. What can we say? Koreans just love cars! As a major player, the Renault Samsung Motors brand had a huge stand with its range on display. Main highlights were the electric sedan SM3 Z.E. and a variation of the Captur concept car.

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Friday 25 May 2012 by Groupe Renault - Design

Meet Alpine A110-50 concept, our fierce tribute to the Berlinette

Alpine, you said Alpine ? Alpine, Renault's racing champion brand, founded by Jean Rédélé and of which Alpine A110, aka the Berlinette, was one of the most coveted cars. We have heard rumours here and there, about its revival. Well here it is, in the form of Renault Alpine A110-50, an « anniversary » concept, to celebrate our infamous Berlinette's 50th ! Today in Monaco, before the GP, we are proud to introduce our hot rod.

Friday 04 May 2012 by Groupe Renault - Cars

Discover Renault Talisman on video

Just a few days after its reveal at the Beijing Motor Show, get acquainted with the new Renault Talisman. This high-end sedan will appear on the Chinese market in the coming weeks. Alain Lonay, Renault Samsung Motors Design director tells you more.

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Thursday 03 May 2012 by Groupe Renault - Art & Lifestyle

Twizy struts its stuff in New York City

After loading up its battery in Los Angeles to shoot a video with David Guetta, Twizy is making another stateside stop before returning to our Gallic shores. This time on the East Coast. That's right, folks! Twizy's hitting the streets of New York City (and they made it "feel brand new", as the song goes)!

Monday 23 April 2012 by Groupe Renault - Event

Renault Talisman revealed at the Beijing Motor Show

Have you ever heard of the "Casual Luxury" concept? Well, it's the Renault philosophy for the Chinese market. The cars imported in the country draw directly from the brand's DNA: distinctive design, innovative technology and assured quality. In order to strenghten this positionning, here comes the new Talisman high-end sedan.

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