Friday 15 September 2017 by Caroline De Beaumont

Singapore GP: Progress sparked by simulation

The simulator has become an essential tool in Formula 1. From the outside, it may seem to resemble a video game but, in reality, it serves an extremely serious purpose for Renault Sport Formula One Team.

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Tuesday 12 September 2017 by Groupe Renault - Cars

#IAA2017 The All-New Dacia Duster: more Duster than ever

With more than one million cars sold, Dacia Duster has been revamped seven successful years after its original release. In addition to revised styling, an equipment upgrade and a fully-updated interior, All-New Duster is as spacious as ever it boasts the same off-road ability, while remaining just as shockingly affordable. Dacia unveiled the All-New Duster at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show in the presence of customers who are enthusiastic supporters of the brand.

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Tuesday 12 September 2017 by Thomas AUDEBERT - Cars

#IAA2017 New Renault MEGANE R.S. – Driven by Performance

New Renault MEGANE R.S. is one of Renault’s most eagerly-anticipated unveilings at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. The event will mark the global debut of this new model, which proudly bears all of Renault Sport Cars’ unmistakeable hallmarks – Agility, Efficiency and Driving Enjoyment.

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Tuesday 12 September 2017 by Thomas AUDEBERT - Cars

#IAA2017 New Renault MEGANE R.S.: Performance-driven design

New Renault Mégane R.S. is packed with technology and performance-enhancing features. Its unmistakeably sporty appeal is accentuated by a dynamic new body colour – Tonic Orange – not to mention Renault Sport’s expertise in the hot-hatch arena. We take a closer look…

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Tuesday 12 September 2017 by Emmanuel GENTY - Design


Stéphane Janin was appointed head of Renault's Concept Car Design department in 2014. In this capacity, he led his team in developing the SYMBIOZ concept car presented at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. Compared with previous concept cars TREZOR and R.S. 2027 Vision, the approach was totally different this time round, since the concept is linked to a real home! Stéphane Janin talks about this original approach.

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Monday 11 September 2017 by Benoît Joly - Innovation

Renault EASY CONNECT, new-generation mobility and connected services solution

Connected Car, New Mobility, these buzzwords are high in everyone’s mind within the automotive industry: drivers start enjoying new connected and mobility services with their car fully embedded into their digital lifestyle; manufacturers can start leveraging the power of connected data to become more efficient and create a tighter, more personalized relationship with their customers; new business and services opportunities will rise thanks to the collaboration with other connected ecosystems (home, city, etc.); and mobility services open a new business paradigm for everyone in the automotive value chain.

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Monday 11 September 2017 by Groupe Renault - Event

#IAA2017 Renault SYMBIOZ: the vision of the future of mobility

Renault SYMBIOZ, an innovative concept to be unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show Sept 12, will be an opportunity for Renault to describe its vision of mobility by the year 2030. This new concept addresses customer expectations in the future related to mobility and lifestyle, as well as the environmental and urban challenges that lie ahead. It is also a way for Renault to explore autonomous, electric, connected mobility in the future.

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