23 July 2012 by Groupe Renault - Art & Lifestyle

An R25 with a twist by artist Erwin Wurm

Renault is a company whose heritage is closely tied to the history of contemporary art. Considered a dominant art sponsor, Renault has supported and sometimes launched many a great artist like Robert Doisneau, Arman or Jean Dubuffet to name a few, and has inspired others... like Erwin Wurm, whose art piece we are introducing today: a modified R25.

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20 July 2012 by Groupe Renault - Innovation

Start-ups including Apila, SoCloz, and Telepark are inventing the future connected services

Feeding R-Link, Renault’s new integrated and connected touch tablet, is a fantastic professional opportunity! Renault and Paris Région Lab launched a call for bids at the start of the year to select innovative start-ups working in connected services, IT and mobile communication. Five companies have been picked to develop their projects in a Connected Mobility and Services “incubator” set up by the two partners.

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12 July 2012 by Claude Viret - Heritage

The Clio story: At 22, it's come of age

Clio was an instant hit when the first generation was launched in 1990 and its popularity has never waned. Twenty-two years and over 11 million units later, the "small car with big car refinement" remains a firm favourite with customers. So what's the secret of its success? Clio is comfortable, versatile and safe, with manufacturing quality and equipment levels that make it a forerunner in its segment.

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03 July 2012 by Groupe Renault - Design

Discover the design genesis of New Renault Clio

New Clio is now a reality and if you don't fall in love with her... well, there is nothing we can do! It is the first production model to give full expression to the Renault design renewal inspired by Laurens van den Acker. Watch our exclusive video to learn more.

02 July 2012 by Groupe Renault - Innovation

Renault ZOE confidential #2: black and blue from its Lardy trip

To shamelessly misquote Général de Gaulle: ZOE outraged! ZOE broken! ZOE martyrized! But this time it’s all in a good cause: top quality for ZOE! We visit the Lardy Technical Centre on the outskirts of Paris, France, to take a look at the rigorous and extensive tests that Renault’s all-electric city car is undergoing prior to imminent release. Nothing is spared, be it a highly dramatic frontal crash test or the engine running uninterrupted day after day!

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