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Paris Motor Show 2012: Renault press conference highlights

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All the highlights from the Renault press conference at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, introduced by Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn on September 27, 2012. New Renault Clio, Clio Estate and Clio R.S. made their debut in front of a huge crowd of international journalists.

Click here to watch the VOD of the Renault press conference.

Carlos Ghosn takes the stage with the New Clio team : engineers and designers who have worked on the project for the past few years. They are all sporting red tops, to symbolize New Clio's "Rouge Flamme" colour, directly derived from DeZir concept, introduced at the last Paris Motor Show (2010).

Already unveiled in July to Renault dealers, New Renault Clio received critical acclaim at the Mondial. Ghosn went over the keys to its success: innovations like new R-Link system, brand new engines 3-cylinder Energy TCe 90 and Energy dCi 90 (with which Clio only emits 83 g CO2/km), and most importantly, warmer, sensual design, sporting new Renault identity on the front-end.

New Clio Estate made its debut at the Paris Motor Show 2012.

Also revealed at the Paris Motor Show 2012, New Clio R.S., boasting a new 1.6 turbo R.S. 200 EDC engine.

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