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Quadruple world champions! Congratulations Infiniti Red Bull Racing, Renault Sport F1 and Sebastian Vettel

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Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Renault Sport F1 secured their fourth consecutive Constructors’ World Championship title during the Indian GP, thanks to Vettel's victory (who also secured his 4th drivers' world title). In 2013 the hugely successful partnership has scored 10 wins, 8 pole positions, 10 fastest laps and 470 points to date.


It is the first time in over 20 years that a constructor-engine partnership has achieved such an unbroken run of success. In fact, only once in the history of the sport has a partnership achieved a similar feat (McLaren-Honda from 1988 – 1991). India was fruitful for Sebastian Vettel, who, after winning the Grand Prix, secured his 4th drivers’ world title in four years.

For Renault, the title concludes the V8 engine era on a high note. The French manufacturer secured the first-ever title under the V8 engine regulations in 2006 with Renault F1 Team, and now comes full circle to win the final title. With five of the possible eight crowns and 57 wins, Renault is now the most successful engine manufacturer of the V8 engine formula.

The 2013 title brings Renault’s total number of constructors’ championships to 12.


Renault’s F1 titles

1992:    Williams-Renault (3.5l V10)

1993:    Williams-Renault (3.5l V10)

1994:    Williams-Renault (3.5l V10)

1995:    Benetton-Renault (3.0l V10)

1996:    Williams-Renault (3.0l V10)

1997:    Williams-Renault (3.0l V10)

2005:    Renault F1 Team (3.0l V10)

2006:    Renault F1 Team (2.4l V8)

2010:    Red Bull Racing-Renault (2.4l V8)

2011:    Infiniti Red Bull Racing-Renault (2.4l V8)

2012:    Infiniti Red Bull Racing-Renault (2.4l V8)

2013:    Infiniti Red Bull Racing-Renault (2.4l V8)


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