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Rally Aïcha des Gazelles : 3 Dacia Duster's on the podium

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Amazing gazelles, on board their Dacia Duster! This week-end in Essaouira, the Dacia crossover blew everyone away. Indeed, 3 Duster's made it to the top, by ranking first in the crossover category, in this 22nd edition of the Rally Aïcha des Gazelles.

The Essaouira finish was a real party in the desert, with a parade and a closing ceremony on the beach.  On March 31, 2012, 8 Dacia Duster's, driven by Women@Renault and La Poste teams, were among the first 10 to cross the finish line. Among these 8 teams, 3 stepped on the podium (including 1 Women@Renault team). In the SUV category, our gazelles made the top 10.

We cannot congratulate them enough for these great results and admire their strength and courage. Bravo gazelles !

Pictures from the finish in Essaouira

Parade of the Women@Renault teams on the beach

Our 6 teams enjoying the end of this long Rally des Gazelles

The La Poste and Women@Renault teams and their rides, the Dacia Duster's

Award ceremony in Essaouira

Find the rankings on the Rally Aïcha des Gazelles website, and our winners below:

Crossover category

3rd : team 315, Isabelle Bonfand and Célanie Mignot, both engineers at Renault

Ranking 5th: team 318, Ana Maria de la Fuente (Mexico) and Gabriela Grajewska (Poland), Motorshow project manager and Dacia product manager

They got 6th position: team 317 made up of Céline Hamici (operator) and Ingrid Cheyrézy (manufacturing manager)

10th: team 316, with Valérie Villate and Assiane Adada (Brazil), career analyst and engineer at Renault

4x4 category

Ranking 10th, Valérie Dot and Isabelles Charles, Designer at Renault

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