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Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles: meet our teams

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50 participants took part, so 25 teams in the running to be one of the 3 teams to represent Renault in the race. Now there are only 6 participants left! Meet the women who'll represent Renault, behind the wheel of Dacia Duster, during the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles 2013, that will take place in Morocco, from March 16 to 30. 

The jury of the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles met on December 13, 2012 in the presence of Claire Martin, Jury President and Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Thierry Bolloré, a member of the Executive Committee of Renault, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, and representatives of the Communication and Human Resources departments.

Choosing the 3 winning teams wasn't easy, especially with 25 teams in the running. After a long and animated deliberation, the jury selected the following pairs:

  • Laetitia RODIER (Direction de l’Ingénierie Véhicule / DIESC) and Sylvie QUITTOT (Direction de l'Ingénierie Véhicule / DIESC) as the Women@Renault team.
  • Anne-Sophie CALLY (World Supply Chain / ALE) and Paulina HACHOUD (World Supply Chain / DPPL) for the DFSCG team.
  • Saida BENHAMIDA (Tangier plant / Quality) and Safae CHALLAL (Tangier plant / HR) for the Renault Morocco team.

A team of substitutes was also selected :

  • Natacha ROSENBERG (Direction Après Ventes / DCPA) and Aurélie TOURNAN (Direction Commerciale Europe / Renault Austria) who will also represent the Women@Renault network.

They represent all positions within Renault. Congrats to all our winners!

Tags: Dacia duster