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Renault ARKANA show car: the new distinctive coupé-crossover

At the Moscow International Automobile Salon, Groupe Renault is unveiling a world premiere: the ARKANA show car, a new C-Segment coupé-crossover, fusion of elegance and sturdiness, heralding a new vehicle with global ambitions.

The ARKANA show car is a distinctive coupé-crossover with a class-unique design meeting growing and different customer SUV expectation. 

The ARKANA show car is an astonishing balance of Sedan elegance and SUV sturdiness: an innovative concept to meet new expectations and many uses (for town or country use and long-distance travel).   The ARKANA show car features powerful and attractive design. Robustness is expressed through high ground clearance, wide wheel arches and large 19” wheels, for excellent all-terrain capabilities. The elegance of the high waistline and sloping coupé roofline is emphasized by chrome glass strapping and a wide panoramic glass roof.

“The ARKANA show car is a distinctive coupé-crossover, striking balance between the elegance of a Sedan and the powerful stance of an SUV. We have dialed in specific Renault cues, with a strong design, strength and sensuality with a French touch.”
LAURENS VAN DEN ACKER, SVP, Corporate Design of Groupe Renault.

2018 - Show-car Renault ARKANA - Situation

The ARKANA show car heralds a new Renault vehicle with global ambitions.

As part of Drive the Future strategic plan, Renault will launch ARKANA from 2019. The new vehicle will be built and marketed worldwide. It will contribute to the international expansion of Groupe Renault.  Russia will be the first country to manufacture and sell this vehicle, thus serving the ambitions of the Renault brand in Russia, a key market for Groupe Renault.

“The idea for this innovative concept came from Russia and the project was conducted with the strong involvement of Renault Russia teams. ARKANA will meet Russian customers’ aspirations but also the ones of new customers in many countries worldwide, enabling Groupe Renault to further pursue its international growth as part of its Drive the Future strategic plan.”
NICOLAS MAURE, SVP, Chairman of Eurasia Region

2018 - Show-car Renault ARKANA - Static

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