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RENAULT SAS, a French Société par Actions Simplifiée (Simplified Joint-Stock Company) with capital of €533,941,113 - Entered in the Nanterre Trade and Companies Register under No. B 780 129 987 - with its registered address at 13/15 quai Alphonse Le Gallo, Boulogne-Billancourt, is organising a free-to-enter, no-obligation competition entitled "Renault vous emmène au Salon de l’Automobile" (Renault takes you to the Motor Show) from 3 pm on Monday 19 September 2016 until 5 pm on Sunday 25 September 2016.

2.1. The contest is open to any person resident in a Member State of the European Union, whether or not they live in Paris, with a Snapchat account, an essential condition for being able to send photos in the aforementioned application.
2.2. Anybody who does not give their contact details and full identities, or who provides inaccurate or false information, will be disqualified, as will anybody objecting to the collection, registration and use of the personal data concerning them that is necessary for the purposes of running the contest.
2.3. Participation in the contest implies full and unconditional acceptance of these rules. Failure to comply with said rules will result in automatic cancellation of the entry and the potential allocation of rewards.
2.4. Any participation by a minor in this contest assumes the prior consent of the person(s) with parental responsibility for said minor.

The same person (same name, same address and same email) can enter once a day, up to one contest per day, to win tickets for the Motor Show. Entrants who submit at least one correct answer for one of the daily competitions are automatically entered into the prize draw to win an all-expenses-paid weekend in Paris in Zoé. Each answer must have been sent via Snapchat during the contest period in accordance with the terms indicated in each story published. No entries will be accepted by post, email or other communication means outside of the Snapchat application. To enter, participants must:
- Log in via the Snapchat mobile application previously downloaded free of charge to their mobile telephone;
- Add the "RenaultLive" account to their Snapchat contacts (;
- Answer the question asked in accordance with the terms indicated in the story (send a screenshot, answer the question in the chat, etc.);
- Send their answer via the application to the "RenaultLive" account.

For an entry to be accepted, the photograph or the answer in text format must not (a) contain content that is defamatory, abusive, racist, religious or pornographic, or that disrupts public order or offends public morality; (b) constitute an infringement of a patent, registered trademark or registered drawing or model, intellectual property right or any other property right belonging to another person; (c) harm the privacy or infringe the right of personal portrayal of a third party; and (d) more generally, go against regulations and legislation in force. The list above is not exhaustive. For the entry to be accepted, the photos must comply with the rules of the contest. The participant also recognises that the photograph is his/her own personal and original creation and is free from any claim. By entering the contest, the participant(s) authorise Renault to circulate and reproduce for a period of 5 years, worldwide, his/her surname, first name, Snapchat username and visual production in preparation for their use on the Snapchat account, Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account or the website and affiliated sites, and more generally on the paper and digital communication media of Renault, without this authorisation being subject to any remuneration, any right or any advantage other than the awarding of the allocation referred to in these rules.

Every day, a 24-hour contest will be published on the "RenaultLive" Snapchat account. One winner, whose entry has been accepted in accordance with the terms laid down within the story, will be drawn out of the hat per day. Each photo or answer received on the "RenaultLive" Snapchat account and judged to be correct will be archived by Renault. There will therefore be 5 contests, one after the other, requiring daily participation by followers. Each contest will have a single winner who will receive two tickets for the Motor Show. All of the correct responses received during the 5 contests will be archived by the Renault team and will be entered into a general prize draw, as a result of which the main winner for the week will receive an all-expenses-paid weekend for two in Paris in Renault ZOE. By accepting his/her prize, the winner authorises the organising association to use his/her surname, first name, Snapchat username, details of the city and region where he/she lives and the photograph in any promotional events, on the Snapchat account, the Facebook page, the Twitter account, the Instagram account or the website, and more generally on Renault's paper and digital communication media, without this use entitling the winner to any remuneration other than the prize won. Winners must comply with the rules. In the event that the winners do not meet the criteria of these rules, their prizes will not be awarded. Participants authorise checks to be carried out concerning their identity, their age, their postal address or the loyalty and sincerity of their entry. To this end, the organising authority reserves the right to request a copy of the winner's identification before handing over the prize. Any false declaration or any false indication of identity or address shall result in the immediate elimination of the participant.

The winners of the "Renault vous emmène au Salon de l’Automobile" contest announced under the conditions laid down in Article 3 will be entitled to allocation of: 1st prize: an all-expenses-paid weekend in Paris for two people + the provision of a Renault ZOE with driver for 36 hours, worth €4,000; 2nd prize: 5 prizes of 2 tickets for the Motor Show (unitary value per ticket: €16). The prizes offered to the winners cannot give rise to any dispute by the winners, in any way whatsoever, or the award of its monetary value (total or partial), or its exchange or replacement by any other prize other than those mentioned in Article 4, of any value whatsoever and for any reason whatsoever. The organising association reserves the right to replace a part of the prize with another of the same value.

Following their participation, in the event of a win as described in Article 4, the winners will receive all of the information regarding the handover or sending of their prize in a confirmation email within 5 days of the prize draw taking place. The 1st prize will be delivered by hand, before the end of the first quarter of 2017, in Île-de-France. The 2nd prizes will be sent by post to the address indicated by the participants. Prizes cannot be exchanged for another object or any monetary value and may not give rise to partial or total reimbursement. Participants are informed that the sale or exchange of prizes is strictly prohibited. Renault cannot be held liable for any incident/accident that may arise from use of the prizes. All of the trademarks or product names mentioned are the registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Entry into the "Renault vous emmène au Salon de l’Automobile" contest implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limitations of the Internet and mobile applications, in particular those concerning technical performance, the response time for consulting, querying or transferring information, the risks of interruption and, more generally, the risks inherent in any connection or transmission over the Internet, the absence of protection of certain data against potential misappropriation and the risks of contamination by viruses present on the network. The contest is not managed or sponsored by the company Snapchat. The company Snapchat cannot therefore be held liable for any disputes associated with the contest. If you have any questions, comments or complaints regarding the contest, please write by post to:
Groupe Renault
Communication Department – SNAPCHAT contest
API: QLG B15 5 40
13/15, Quai le Gallo, 92109 Boulogne
The letter should include the full contact details of the participant(s) and the exact reason for the dispute or complaint. No other dispute or complaint procedure will be accepted.

Renault reserves the right, for any reason whatsoever, to cancel, postpone, interrupt or extend the contest, or to amend all or some of the conditions of these rules, in accordance with these rules. If, following an event beyond its control, it is forced to exercise this right, it may not be held liable. The organising company reserves the right to definitively exclude from the contest any person who, through fraudulent behaviour, disrupts the smooth running of the contest.

The rules are available during the contest period on the website and are filed with Mr Houtart, Bailiff at 119 avenue Gambetta, 75020 Paris.

It is reiterated that, in order to take part in the contest, entrants must provide certain personal information (name, address, email address, age, etc.). This information is registered and saved for a maximum period of three years, in electronic format, and is necessary for acceptance of their entry, for determining the winners and for awarding the prizes. This information is intended for the organising company within the context of the contest and may be forwarded to its technical service providers and to any service provider responsible for sending out the prizes. The data thus collected may be used within the legal framework. Pursuant to the French Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, entrants have the right to access, correct and delete personal data concerning them. To exercise these rights, entrants should write to the following address: Renault SAS. Anybody exercising their right to delete personal data concerning them before the end of the contest will be deemed to be withdrawing their entry.

Participation in the contest implies:
- Full and unconditional acceptance of these rules;
- Renault's decision for any disputes relating to the interpretation and/or application of these rules.

These rules are governed by French law. Participants are therefore subject to French regulations regarding contests. Any disputes arising from this contest that cannot be settled amicably will be brought before the competent courts.

Renault SAS (Simplified Joint-Stock Company) with capital of €533,941,113
Entered in the Nanterre Trade and Companies Register under No. B 780 129 987
13/15 quai Alphonse Le Gallo 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

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