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Renault Live wishes you the best for 2016

Before closing 2015, the Renault Live team would like to thank our readers for following us and share an exciting video, with our best New Year's resolutions!
After an eventful 2015 will follow an exciting 2016...

This past year has been a very eventful year for Renault, with many product releases worldwide, in Europe: Kadjar, the New Espace, Talisman and Mégane; Duster Oroch in South America; KWID in India as well as the launch of Kadjar in Asia.
You can take our word for it that there’ll be no letting up in the stream of exciting surprises and announcements from Renault in 2016.

...and a sincere thanks to our readers...

The Renault Live team would like to thank the whole of its 2015 readership. That means automobile enthusiasts among the general public, shareholders, financial analysts, partners, employees, and applicants wishing to join our very fine company.

...before discovering our top six New Year's resolutions!

The New Year is traditionally the time for resolutions, and Renault has a few suggestions to make here. Share them with friends and family, to make 2016 even more fun, even more exciting!

Best wishes from the Renault Live team!