by Groupe Renault - Corporate

Renault Twizy: behind the scenes at the Valladolid plant

Progressively, Renault Twizy opens its own path leaving no one indifferent. What about knowing a little more about the way we manufacture this 100% electric quadricyle? Well, we went to the Valladolid plant in Spain to have a closer look. One sure thing: the teams committed on this project have the feeling of being pioneers of the Zero Emission revolution.

A "Z.E. building" covering 9,000 square metres has been specially fitted out to house the Twizy vehicle and battery assembly lines, as well as storage and quality control areas (including a small indoor track).

Salvador Cabeza, in the assembly line explains: "For this line, we had to integrate new technologies including an electric test bench, new automatized standards and a new organization for shared ressources".

Other workshops involved in the production of this latest addition to the electric range include:

  • the stamping workshop, which for the first time is making 13 injection-moulded plastic parts from propylene,
  • the paintshop, where Twizy shares electrolytic coating facilities with conventional models, and ABS plastic parts are being painted for the first tim,
  • the body-in-white assembly workshop, where a new welding line has been installed for manual production of Twizy’s ultra-light tubular chassis (which is being incorporated in a current-production Renault for the first time).

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