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Renault ZOE's first starring role in Un prince (presque) charmant: win your tickets

Renault ZOE appears in the new romantic comedy produced by Luc Besson, Un prince (presque) charmant, directed by Philippe Lellouche and starring Vahina Giocante and Vincent Perez, due out in French cinemas on January 9.

The pitch: Jean-Marc, played by Vincent Perez, is a career-mad and self-obsessed 40 something with no time to spare. Until his path crosses that of freedom - and justice - loving Marie, played by Vahina Giocante. The business man and young woman have nothing in common and should never have met. But fate decides otherwise…

For her first starring role on the big screen, Renault ZOE acts as the link between two people with radically different personalities – seemingly so. She’s on-screen throughout Philippe Lellouche’s latest movie (after Mes plus belles vacances) as an actress, bringing a touch of much-needed calm to the transformation of Jean-Marc.

Now, if you are near France, you have the opportunity to win 10 x 2 tickets for the screening of your choice of Un prince (presque) charmant.  Just post a comment with your first name, last name, postal address, email address. We won't publish these informations. Be quick, the first 10 comments will be taken into consideration! 

EDIT: congratulations to our winners Royo Meven, Alexandre Rabet, Pierre Vandenbrouke,Audrey Demont, Sébastien Chabenat, Sébastien Manceau, Emmanuel André, Laurence Boudet, Grégory Py and Frédéric Allari!