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Rio+20: French President François Hollande meets Twizy

When Rio+20 rhymes with "get in your Twizy"... French President François Hollande and members of his government, Nicole Bricq, 

Laurent Fabius and Benoît Hamon, gave a speech at the French Pavilion during a one-day visit to Rio+20 Summit today...and got to meet Twizy! All parties from France involved in sustainable development, were in attendance.

The President, who had just given a speech at the UN on sustainable development where he mentionned "clean cars", showed interest in Twizy: "very interesting car, I think you need to show this to Mr. Fabius", "can I sit in it ?"

Philippe Schulz, Expert leader - Environment, Energy & Strategic Raw Materials, briefed him on the electric urban two-seater : price, versions, manufacturing...

We think that if he could have taken it with him, he would have ! Twizy is definitely all the craze at Rio+20 Summit !