EOLAB extérieur sur stand

by Groupe Renault - Event

Spotlight on Renault's EOLAB concept car at the Paris Motor Show

We showed you photos of the EOLAB prototype a couple of weeks ago. Visitors to the Paris Motor Show can now admire the EOLAB concept car, derived from the technology demonstrator. Here, then, are some photos live from the Renault stand.

With its advanced aerodynamics, harmonious proportions and roomy interior, the EOLAB concept car goes one step further in extolling the virtues of the initial prototype.

Come and see for yourselves at the Renault stand.

EOLAB extérieur sur stand EOLAB extérieur sur stand EOLAB sur stand trois quart avant EOLAB sur stand trois quarts arrière EOLAB sur stand trois quarts arrière EOLAB sur stand face avant EOLAB interieur EOLAB interieur

 The EOLAB prototype story

A new video brings fascinating behind-the-scenes insights into development work on the EOLAB prototype, Renault's uniquely innovative take on extreme fuel economy. Renault designers and engineers talk us through from the aerodynamic tests at the Saint Cyr wind tunnel through to the technical road tests at the Aubevoye centre.