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Stay cool: Drive safe this summer

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High temperatures. Busy roads. Here are four tips to help you stay safe on the road this summer.


Four smart precautions


#1 Pack wisely


Spread the load when packing the car to make sure the weight is distributed evenly. If you’re using a roof rack, know its weight limit and distribute the load evenly. And remember the rack makes your car higher, so be careful going into underground car parks.

#2 Keep a clear view

When packing the car, make sure you maintain a proper line of sign with your mirrors and windows. Ditto when it comes to passengers. Avoid blocking the view of the driver.

#3 Stay alert

Summer comes with increased traffic, road works and more bikes and motorcycles on the road. In these conditions, constantly scan the roadway and increase your following distance. For an additional level of security, many Renault models, like the recently released Espace and Kadjar, come with driver aids such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Active emergency braking, Lane Departure Warning and Safe Distance Warning.

#4 Stay focused

Fatigue and distractions can reduce your attention level. Break long journeys with regular stops. Keep a pair of sunglasses handy and clean your windscreen regularly to fight sun glare. Finally, allergies can be distracting and make you sleepy, so drive with the windows closed and the air conditioning on (check the air filter before you leave). And get someone else to drive if your allergies are really bad.

Have a safe travel and enjoy your holidays!

Tags: safety