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The website is getting a new look...and a new name too!

Up online today:, the new Renault group website, with new content organization, new personalized access, and new features


Our website is changing its name to keep in tune with the Renault group's increasingly international outlook and multi-brand identity. As well as reporting on Renault as such, the new site —— also offers full news coverage on the Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors brands, and on our alliance with Nissan and our partnerships with Daimler and Avtovaz.


For several months now we've been busy developing a site that is more intuitive, more legible and more comprehensive in coverage, complete with blog and social network access, on the News page.

Analysts, investors, individual shareholders, journalists and job applicants get direct access to relevant content in dedicated website sections.
For visitors of all backgrounds, there's a wealth of entertaining and informative content on Renault's history and present-day centres of interest, plus news on what's going on across the Renault group. Naturally, the main website emphasis is on our vehicles, their backgrounds, their production sites, plus insights into how they're made.


Another new development is that the site is now accessible anywhere and everywhere, from touchpads and smartphones as well as computers.
The new website aims to offer a revealing glimpse into the personality traits that Renault has developed over more than 115 years now: our pioneering spirit and flair for innovation, our glowing achievements in motor sport, and our enduring commitment to sustainable and affordable transport for all.

Bon voyage with Renault.

Looking forward to seeing you soon on our website! (Your input is warmly welcomed: to contribute, just leave your comments below.)

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