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Twizy sits down to a big feast with Chefs Paul Bocuse, Alain Ducasse and Cyril Lignac

Twizy put on quite a show at the 30th World Hospitality and Food Service Event, SIRHA, which took place in Lyon, end of January. Renault was the automotive partner of the event, providing a comprehensive service based on electric vehicles and sedans for VIPs, including France's most famous starred grand chefs: Paul Bocuse, Alain Ducasse, Pierre Troisgros or Cyril Lignac.

On the menu, 185,000 visitors, the famous Bocuse d’Or contest and the SIRHA World Cuisine Summit, where professionals and experts took an in-depth look at the future of food service and hospitality.

Fluence Z.E., Renault's all-electric sedan, was the official car of the event. ZOE was also on display on the stand, to the delight of the "Village des Chefs" visitors.

A version of Twizy, sporting the colours of the event, was autographed by chefs from all over the world, in honour of Paul Bocuse. Among them, Alain Ducasse, 3 times Michelin 3-stars, Pierre Troisgros, 3 stars, who used to be at the head of "les Frères Troisgros" restaurant or Cyril Lignac, host of French Top Chef TV show, and 1 Michelin star.

Chef Cyril Lignac

Chef Alain Ducasse

Chef Paul Bocuse

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