Waze widget now available in R&Go

by Marion Trumier - Innovation

Waze widget now available in R&Go

A true extension of the dashboard, the R&Go app connected to the vehicle’s Radio Connect R&Go system can be used to display extensive driving information on your smartphone and to access navigation via a specific widget. The use of this app has been made even more practical through a new partnership with Waze.

In today's digital era, we use our smartphones all the time, even in our cars. They can replace built-in multimedia systems, as with the R&Go app combined with the Radio Connect R&Go system available on Twingo, Clio, Captur, Kangoo, Master and Trafic. With this system, you can place your smartphone close to the driver’s station to display driving-related information (real-time fuel consumption, rev counter, etc.), read text messages received as voice mail, and access a broad range of compatible apps for navigation and listening to music.

Among the most popular of these last, Waze has now been integrated in R&Go in widget form thanks to a special partnership. With Waze fully integrated in the R&Go interface, you can enjoy your drive and take advantage of key driving information while following your set route. Benefiting from Waze while sticking to your route is now a cinch.

R&Go and Waze

Screenshot Waze Application, page "navigation in progress"The benchmark free social GPS is also now available in R&Go in widget form. Waze guides you and informs you in real time of traffic and road conditions, saving precious time and reducing your fuel consumption.

How does it work?

You first need to download the Waze app on your smartphone. After which, simply select the Waze widget in the R&Go interface to enjoy the key features of the app without losing key information on your vehicle through the total integration of the widget.

Where to download the Waze application?

The application is available on:



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