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What if the Renault Foundation invested in your project?

The Renault Foundation is launching a new call for projects. The objective: to support a non-profit organization that works to promote entrepreneurship among women in disadvantaged communities or to improve their access to employment. The winning entity will be awarded a financial contribution of €90,000 over three years. Applications must be received by November 19, 2018. Read on for more details.

Do you have a project that can help women from disadvantages communities create their own companies? Or does your project promote access to employment for women in disadvantaged communities? Would you like to receive financial assistance to help you carry it out? The Renault Foundation can certainly help. To this end, the project must be led by a non-profit organization* and its activity based in a country where Groupe Renault has a strong presence. If you meet this criteria, you have until midnight (Paris time) on November 19 to apply!

The Renault Foundation is launching a call for projects to support female entrepreneurship in disadvantaged communities.How are applicants selected?

In the first round, the selected applicants will present their project and their organization to the members of the Renault Foundation (from December 3-7, 2018). After these presentations, five projects will be selected. The five finalists are then invited to present their projects (20 minute pitch) to members of the Groupe Renault sponsorship committee, which will select a winner on December 11, 2018. The latter will receive a financial contribution of €90,000 over a period of three years.

The Renault Foundation is launching a call for projects to support female entrepreneurship in disadvantaged communities.

The Renault Foundation

The Renault Foundation, in response to societal and environmental challenges, aims to promote inclusion and sustainable mobility. It seeks to construct a society and adventure to which everybody feels that they belong and have the resources to develop.

Its ambition is to create to a more positive, more inclusive, more sustainable and more responsible economy and society and work towards the creation of a more sustainable and responsible mobility for everyone.

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