Bandeau Our corporate and social responsibility

Our corporate and social responsibility

To help build a more inclusive society and work for responsible, sustainable mobility for all... As we face corporate, social, and environmental challenges, Groupe Renault is shifting into high gear! We’re ramping up to promote high-performance, innovative solutions on a large scale in two major axis of activity: inclusion and sustainable mobility. What does that mean? Don’t panic, we’ll explain everything.

Our ambition is to contribute to changing the economy and society in general, making them more positive, more inclusive, more sustainable and more responsible. This is the meaning of Mobilize: to encourage everybody to mobilize and work together for inclusion and sustainable mobility.

Christine Rodwell
Vice President Social and Sustainable Impact
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To help build a society and a company where everyone can find their place and have the means to thrive. That’s our vision for inclusion, which rests on three commitments.

Bandeau sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility should mean that everyone can get around more safely and more ecologically. For this, Groupe Renault relies on two commitments.

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