Promoting diversity

Groupe Renault’s story is first and foremost about people. It is also about the desire to change mentalities within and outside the company, and to encourage open-mindedness. With this in mind, the group carries out actions to promote equal opportunity.

The chief goal of our efforts is to prevent all forms of discrimination, making sure that each individual has the same opportunities in terms of recruitment and career advancement at the company.

Manuela Echilley
Head of Diversity and Inclusion – Groupe Renault
Through its CSR approach, the company is committed to several fundamental social issues: gender equality, disability rights, intergenerational collaboration, freedom of sexual orientation, integration of international employees, etc.

Gender equality: ending clichés

Who says that men have to work in engineering and women in communications? And who says that gender equality is only a women’s issue? The automotive industry is changing, along with society and the professional landscape. A closer look at the group’s actions to move beyond stereotypes.

Women@renault, our plan for gender equality

At the start of 2010, Groupe Renault launched the Women@Renault plan. Based on concrete HR actions, it aims to improve the representation of women at every level and in every business within the company.

But that’s not all!
The plan also includes an internal social network with the same name. Open to all employees since its launch, this mixed gender, international network aims to change mentalities. With 5,000 members (25% men), the network promotes discussion in order to find better solutions to the question of gender equality. In short, it is a collaborative, non-militant approach to effecting change.

Women@Renault initiatives around the world

Women@Renault initiatives around the world

In Portugal

Students of Université d’Aveiro were given the task to create a video on the theme of “promoting women in the automotive world” during International Women’s Rights Day.

In Slovenia

A museum of stereotypes has been created through five videos in the plant’s universe to deconstruct work stereotypes.

In Iran

Awareness-raising workshops on breast cancer detection and treatment were organized at the local headquarters in 2017, in collaboration with the breast cancer research center in Jahad-e Daneshgahi.

In India

In 2018, for women’s day, Groupe Renault has organised a little surprise in Mumbai. Each volunteer could come aboard a vehicle of the Renault range to live an original and unexpected experience!

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Our commitment to the #heforshe movement

In 2014, the international #HeForShe movement was launched. A few years later, Groupe Renault committed to the movement internally with the UN Women France. committee. Its aim is to involve all employees, and men in particular, in questions of gender equality and diversity. It also gives men and women the opportunity to be actively involved in creating a welcoming environment. Because, ultimately, if diversity is a reality, inclusion is a choice!

In line with the law related to gender equity published on 5th September 2018, Groupe Renault publishes its 2018 gender equity index enabling to measure potential salary gaps between men and women (index valid in France).

Please find hereafter the gender equity index results for 2019 related to 2018:

- Renault sas: 94 points
- Maubeuge Construction Automobile M.C.A.: 77 points
- Société de Véhicules Automobiles de Batilly: 84 points

Working for better disability inclusion

In 1995, Groupe Renault was one of the first companies to sign an agreement for the professional integration of people with disabilities in France. Since then, we have continued to develop our initiatives: adapting work spaces, teleworking, launching the Handi@Renault social network, employee awareness-raising, etc. Our current objective is to internationalize this approach to include all the countries in which we operate. In this way, we will help each person find their place and flourish within the company.
an international “Mobilize Diversity” community has encouraged employees to interact, particularly around disability issues

Sharing via Handi@Renault

This internal social network, deployed in France, currently has more than 1,400 members with and without disabilities. It’s a tool for disseminating news on disability, sharing best practices and raising awareness; a platform for genuine dialogue between employees! And since the start of 2018, an international “Mobilize Diversity” community has encouraged employees to interact, particularly around disability issues.

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Groupe Renault joined forces with the NGO Handicap International

Handicap International, a partnership to take things further

In 2017, Groupe Renault joined forces with the NGO Handicap International. This partnership allows it to benefit from the highest level of expertise and to internationalize its disability policy.

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the Renault Tech Business Unit, specialized in the transformation of vehicles

Did you know?

In 2009, the group created the Renault Tech Business Unit, specialized in the transformation of vehicles. This entity is notably in charge of designing, producing and selling vehicles for the transport of people with reduced mobility (TPRM).

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Sexual orientation: working together to fight discrimination

The question of sexual orientation remains taboo in certain companies and even in certain countries. To change mentalities and promote dialogue, the group formed a partnership with the « Paris 2018 Gay Games ». The sporting and cultural event, this global celebration of diversity, organized by the homosexual community, was open to all. Groupe Renault took part in the event via its employees: volunteers, supporters and participants.

My involvement in the Gay Games is a way of representing the company and its employees in a positive manner in all their diversity.

Olivier Gignoux
Group employee and volunteer at the Paris 2018 Gay Games
La richesse du Groupe Renault : la diversité culturelle

The richness of cultural diversity

Groupe Renault currently operates in 134 countries. This extensive presence necessarily implies a rich multiculturalism. We are convinced that diversity is a fundamental lever of performance. Therefore, promoting cultural diversity is a driving force of our HR and CSR policies. We aim to ensure that each person is appreciated in an environment of trust, regardless of their culture or origin, and can express their full potential to the benefit of collective performance.

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