Road safety

Road safety is a real public health issue. According to the World Health Organization, there are 1.3 million deaths worldwide each year and between 20 and 50 million people injured on the road. For Groupe Renault, the safety of every user has always been a priority. Our goal is to reduce mortality and anticipate the challenges of future mobility. Focus on our actions and our road safety policy.

Our 5-axis road safety policy



An approach that involves education from an early age concerning the dangers of the road. But also by changing the behavior of each player (public authorities, parents, drivers, children).



Help drivers anticipate risks. How? By assisting the driver with driving aids, and especially by empowering them. For everyone to recognize when they are unable to control their vehicle or the situations in which they endanger themselves.



The quality of road handling and braking are the dynamic fundamentals of the vehicle, the basis for avoiding an accident. However, there are situations where the contribution of technology is needed to compensate for driving errors. Hence the active safety systems, which intervene in difficult or emergency conditions, but without completely taking over for the driver.



Our priority is to protect the occupants according to the type and severity of the impact, whatever their age, their body type and their position in the vehicle, in both small and in big cars. Thus, beyond the criteria measured by Euro NCAP, we equip the rear seats of our vehicles with devices that guarantee optimum passenger protection. It also takes into account other road users.



To optimize the rescuing of injured individuals in the event of an accident, Groupe Renault works with firefighters all over the world.

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Our driving forces

Within Groupe Renault, road safety relies above all on two driving forces:


Our goal is to make vehicles that are increasingly safer, to ensure the safety of the occupants of the vehicle as that of others exposed to the risk of road accidents. Therefore, we analyze the risks observed to find innovative solutions. This led to the birth of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which takes the initiative for corrective action, instead of the driver.

Here, it is no longer a question of limiting the consequences of an accident, but of reducing its severity, or even avoiding it. And that’s why we want to make these systems accessible to as many people as possible.

Looking for a few examples? The new Espace which showcased the arrival of these new features for this range, or Scénic which in 2016 introduced a new generation of ADAS, more efficient, including an automatic emergency braking with the detection of the pedestrians, which will be incorporated in the vast majority of future products. Currently, new systems are being developed that benefit from the extremely rapid progress of sensors and embedded electronics.


We are actively working with governments and institutions around the world to improve road safety. Between road infrastructure, the legislation in force and its application, the policy or the level of training and awareness of users... many factors differ between countries. Thus, the group transfers its know-how and is enriched by the expertise of road safety players, laboratories and local universities.

As such, we have created the LAB with PSA Peugeot-Citroën, focused on accident research, biomechanics and human behavior. For 50 years, it has been analyzing road accidents, to improve knowledge of active and passive safety rules in the automotive field.

Did you know?

In the past, Groupe Renault pioneered the introduction of new driving aids. These features include the speed limit alert, coupled with the speed limiter, the head-up display of driving information, the automatic switching of the high/low beam when driving at night, the lane departure warning, the blind spot alert and the safety distance warning.
Renault renews the commitment to the French National Federation of Firefighters (FNSPF)

Groupe Renault gets involved in firefighter training

In 2015, we renewed our commitment to the French National Federation of Firefighters (FNSPF). Objective: work together for vehicle safety, passenger safety and road safety. To support the FNSPF, we are working on: technical collaborations, extrication and fire extinction tests on new energy vehicles, donations of recent vehicles to train firefighters, distribution of electric vehicle intervention guides.

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Focus on…

In 2014, Mobilize teamed up with the French Driving School (ECF) and digital economy experts to build The Good Drive (TGD)

The good drive

In 2014, Mobilize teamed up with the French Driving School (ECF) and digital economy experts to build The Good Drive (TGD). A serious game in the form of an app. The principle is simple: your smartphone or tablet turns into a control wheel to train you. In the program there are nearly 200 different driving situations, in the countryside or in the city, in the rain or in good weather. Depending on his or her behavior on the road, the player wins or loses points. A solution to the problem of gaining access to a driving permit, a major issue for underserved and disadvantaged communities.

This educational program invites young people to reflect on the major issues of road safety and sustainable mobility

The « safety and mobility for all » program

Created in 2000, this educational program invites young people to reflect on the major issues of road safety and sustainable mobility. An exciting challenge for all that has already raised awareness among 15 million young people in 40 countries. 

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Renault ZOE

Training employees in road safety

Groupe Renault pays particular attention to preventing road risks, and in particular to the training of its employees. Campaigns are conducted regularly to inform and train them: communication, road safety week, preventive driving courses including for two-wheelers...


In France, Groupe Renault signed  the national call for companies in favor of road safety. In this context, a series of actions has been initiated internationally among the group’s employees.

  • Awareness among employees, hosted on the sites by health and safety prevention engineers, occupational physicians and road risk prevention professionals.
  • The evolution of the training system, with an e-learning program focused on road safety made available to all group employees.

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