Sustainable purchasing

Sustainable purchasing

Groupe Renault is committed to a policy of sustainable purchasing
As a key player in the automotive sector, Groupe Renault works with thousands of companies and people around the world every day.

We have put in place an active sustainable purchasing policy encompassing respect for human rights, labor law, compliance, safety, quality and the environment. We ask our suppliers to enforce these guiding principles and to deploy them across their supply chain.

With respect to mineral ores, we are continuously reinforcing our day-to-day efforts to prevent risks relating to human rights, as part of a policy specific to this field, based on the guidelines set out by the OECD.

At the same time, Groupe Renault has put in place a more general approach aimed at reducing the impact of our industry on the environment, particularly by re-using batteries and recycling mineral ores. We have also taken a stake in Ionic Materials, a US firm developing materials for cobalt-free batteries.

Cornerstones of our sustainable procurement policy

Cornerstones of our sustainable
purchasing policy

Our purchasing policy is set out in the:

Renault-Nissan Purchasing Way

Download file

Groupe Renault's expectations with respect to suppliers in terms of CSR are set out in the:

Renault-Nissan “CSR Purchasing Guidelines”

Download file - Update in progress

Groupe Renault's expectations with respect to environmental protection are set out in the:

Green Purchasing guidelines

Download file

In 2017, Groupe Renault joined the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI).

The initiative brings together a large number of companies seeking responsibly sourced minerals that show respect for the law and for human rights.

Link to RMI website

Action plan for 2018

Action plan for 2018

for a purchasing policy that is increasingly sustainable

Battery purchasing:

- List of suppliers for the Cobalt supply chain
List of suppliers/countries

- Conduct five audits on suppliers in the Cobalt supply chain, focusing primarily on refiners or even mining companies. The main objective of these audits is to make sure that the cobalt extracted for our batteries respects human rights. These audits will be based on OECD guidelines. Where necessary, they will be followed up by action plans and may lead the Groupe Renault to reconsider commercial relations unless significant progress is made.

- Join a second initiative to make a greater contribution to responsible cobalt purchasing.

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