Training and education

Training and education are at the heart of our inclusion policy. Groupe Renault is rolling out initiatives in several countries. It sets up partnerships with the academic world and offers in-house training.
The challenge is great: to promote universal access to education, facilitate students’ schooling and prepare our employees for the jobs of tomorrow.

Support students from all over the world

To support young talent around the world, in 2001 the Group created the Renault Corporate Foundation. A link between the company and the grandes écoles, so that students can enhance their skills in areas related to our expertise.
In 2001 the Group created the Renault Corporate Foundation, a link between the company and the grandes écoles

In Colombia

The Renault Colombia Foundation continues to provide support for engineering students from disadvantaged social backgrounds through its “Renault German Camilo Calle” program. In 2017, it supported 24 students

In Romania

In Romania, the Master IPA program supported 12 students in 2017 and 8 students in their last year of their Master’s studies. In addition, 4 Romanian university centers benefited from dedicated tutors and scholarships thanks to Renault Romania. Many internships have also been offered to more than 216 students.

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Focus on... the Intercultural Management Chair

Co-founded by ESCP Europe and Groupe Renault in 2017, this Chair has several objectives, namely to develop a knowledge of managerial practices adapted to cultural diversities. And also to offer the academic world a field of research related to multicultural organization and management. The agreement concludes that its activities are articulated around three fields: expertise, education and training, and the constitution of a community.

The mission of ESCP Europe is to teach management in complex environments. In today’s multipolar world, questions of cultural diversity and social responsibility have an increasingly direct impact on business. The purpose of a school like ESCP Europe is to prepare the coming generations of transnational leaders. On this important mission we’re delighted to have a partner like Groupe Renault along with us.

Franck Bournois
Dean of ESCP Europe
To fight against this societal phenomenon, the Group is launching sponsorship operations around the world

Combatting the school dropout problem

School dropout is a major problem. To fight against this societal phenomenon, the Group is launching sponsorship operations around the world. Socially responsible actions in which our employees often participate. For example, in Morocco, we contribute to schooling in rural areas, especially for young girls, through the introduction of school buses.

This is the number of Moroccan students
who benefited from the school bus service in 2017
To fight against the school dropout problem, we have also signed 3 sponsorship agreements, in France, with:

The second chance school

for the development of manual work workshops in Yvelines. A way to broaden the career prospects of young people in craftsmanship, construction and industry. Every year, the school supports more than 400 young people between the ages of 18 and 25 without a diploma or qualification.

Énergies Jeunes

whose mission is to develop academic perseverance in priority education colleges, through educational programs coordinated by employees of partner companies. The help provided by Groupe Renault will enable the association to train nearly 200,000 students by 2021.

The Institut de l’Engagement

whose goal is to help young people who have revealed great potential during a civic assignment, to resume training or find a job. The Group supports a dozen young people a year in the resumption of studies or job searching on Renault's job boards.

Promoting access to education

Convinced of the importance of young talent, Groupe Renault strives to bring the business world closer to the world of education. Focus on our main initiatives, carried out in France and abroad:

Supporting employees in the academic world

Many colleagues give lectures in different schools and universities, as part of their working time. A sharing of knowledge, inscribed in the genes of the Group. The company thus makes its expertise available, while at the same time valuing employees.

Donating materials

Recognizing that knowledge is gained by putting it into practice, the Group has made numerous donations of vehicles and tools to schools. In France, the Maubeuge plant has donated more than 8,000 euros in vehicles and scrap parts. In Spain, 15 training centers benefited from the donation of 2 engines, 1 TWIZY and about 880 computers. In Chile, 320 gearboxes were given and allowed about 60 students from an industrial school to complete their training.

Welcoming students within the company

Through apprenticeships, internships or discovery sessions in the corporate world, Groupe Renault helps bridge the gap between young people and the professional world on every continent. Thus, the system of company classes is widespread in the Group.

Training teachers in companies

Training teachers, strengthening their leadership so that they can have the means to transform their institutions, inspire and make changes to young people is an issue that is as big as training students for the Group. In Colombia, the Renault Foundation partnered with the Empresarios por la Educacion Foundation in 2016 to train 26 people, including 13 school directors and 3 coordinators.

Training firefighters

Training firefighters in Europe in extrication techniques, thanks to the donations of latest generation vehicles, such as electric vehicles.

Groupe Renault a learning company

Just because school ends doesn’t mean that we no longer have the right to learn! Within Groupe Renault, we want to stimulate the curiosity of Groupe Renault employees by opening them to other worlds. Our wish? Transform the company into a Learning Company by empowering all company employees to develop their skills. A new training dynamic that involves learning on a daily basis. As such, we have implemented several actions including:
La direction learning et développement

The Learning & Development Department

Supports management committees in their digital transformation through Learning Expeditions. Objectives, to support the development of a digital culture, to open up to new ways of learning and to develop collective intelligence. The teams spend a privileged time with start-up founders and innovative companies.


Thanks to this portal, the Group’s staff can access in one click an array of digital training courses, which are regularly updated. There is no need to register beforehand or have one’s manager’s approval to attend these courses. Irrespective of his profession, the employee has access to a wide range of courses that will allow him to understand in 30 minutes how to better grasp his mission in a multicultural environment. A way to generate the reader’s motivation and interest to discover and explore new subjects.

Creation of a “Mobility and Electric Vehicles” MOOC

By the Renault Foundation and Ecole des Ponts ParisTech. This free and open-access MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) help you respond to the questions raised by these issues in our society.

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