Everyone knows about the Groupe Renault the carmaker. But did you know our activities touch on other fields, including banking and consulting? Read on to learn more about our parent company, Renault SA, as well as Renault TECH, RCI Banque, Renault Consulting, and our Corporate Sales Division.

Renault head office in Boulogne-Billancourt on Quai Le GalloRenault SA 

Renault SA business is divided into 2 operational sectors in over 134 countries:

1) Automotive, including the design, production and distribution of products through a sales network (among others, by the Renault Retail Group subsidiary):

  • new vehicles with several ranges (PC, LCV and EV) under 5 brands: Renault, Dacia, Renault Samsung Motors, Alpine and LADA. Vehicles manufactured by Dacia and RSM are sold under the Renault brand in some countries, and some Renault vehicles are sold under other Group's brands,
  • used vehicles and spare parts,
  • the Renault powertrain range, a B2B activity.

2)  Services, including sales financing, rental, maintenance and service contracts.

RCI Bank and services             

RCI Bank and Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Renault S.A.S. It provides financing for the sales of Groupe Renault brands (Renault, Renault Samsung Motors, Dacia, Alpine, LADA) throughout the world and for the Nissan group brands (Nissan, Datsun, Infiniti), primarily in Europe, Russia and South America. RCI Bank and Services is present in 36 countries.

RCI Bank and Services:

  • brings consumers a range of financing solutions and services adapted to their projects and lifestyles, for a smoother, richer experience in automotive mobility, with both new and used cars ;
  • supplies business customers with a range of mobility solutions to free them from the constraints of fleet management and allow them to focus on their core business ;
  • finances the inventories of new vehicles, used vehicles, and replacement parts for Alliance networks.

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Renault Corporate Sales 

Created in 1999 and present in 42 countries, the Renault Corporate Sales Direction partners businesses in the management of their vehicle fleets. It relies on Renault’s leadership position with professional customers in France and on international expertise, ranking top three in Europe.

Renault Fluence 2012 at Bursa in Turkey

An international network for company fleets 

The Corporate Sales Division brings our customers flexible service addressing their specific needs around the world. The Division works with more than 160 multinational companies worldwide.

The advantages of the Division include a network of 14 international key account experts, a global partnership with a single, multi-country contract, and the possibility of easily extending our customers’ contracts to new markets and expanding their vehicle range.

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Renault Pro+ global expert brand


Professional customers have specific aspirations and the brand should breathe and live with these aspirations. Building an expert brand gives Renault the opportunity to specifically integrate them in terms of engagements and communication, easily recognizable. An expert brand also expresses the legitimate consolidation of “LCV Core Competencies” at every customer touchpoint.
Renault Pro+ specific products

Renault Pro+ offers LCV customers three strong product characteristics: Ingenious Innovation, as illustrated by the “Wide View” mirror, Easy Experience, as highlighted by the “mobile office” on Trafic or Master, which offers a seamless extension of the physical office and “Tailor-made”, as expressed by the wideness of the Renault LCV range (more than 640 versions) and all the specific adaptations, answering all types of customer needs

Renault Pro+ dedicated services

Internet is an always available interface between customers and their dealer or car-maker, Renault Pro+ will accompany each customer all along his journey from the research of a vehicle on the internet to his maintenance and repair needs for a smooth and easy customer journey.

Renault Pro+ specialist network

Today, 600 specialist dealers in the world, are offering a wide range of enhanced expertise for LCV customers. And more than 12,000 Renault’s outlets in the world commercialize Renault’s LCV range.

This network is fully responding to professional needs, thanks to a dedicated team; it helps its clients choose and buy the relevant vehicles, displaying the full range and adaptations, organizing test drives and delivering fast quotations. It keeps its clients mobility and availability for their work, offering extended opening hours, fast servicing, while-you-wait diagnosis, and replacement vehicles.

Renault TECH

The Renault TECH business unit, created in October 2008, is the only vehicle conversion entity to be integrated in an automobile manufacturer. It designs, produces and sells converted vehicles, mainly in Europe, responding to the needs of special users, including professionals and people with reduced mobility.

Renault TECH

 Converting Renault vehicles  

Renault TECH

Renault TECH conversion models include a range of driving school vehicles with dual control pedals and instructor-adapted controls; professional vehicles requiring special conversions; and fleets of customized vehicles fitted with decals, revolving lights, towing gear, and so on.

For the transport of people with reduced mobility, Renault TECH customizes new and used Renault vehicles that are large enough to accommodate wheelchairs. It also produces driving aids (steering-wheel mounted accelerators and brakes, multifunction remote control units to operate indicators, lights and horn, pedal transfers, etc.) and vehicle access aids (manual or electric swivel seats).

Renault TECH also designs made-to-measure vehicles in line with the specifications of each customer.


Production integrated at Renault plants 

Renault TECH is headquartered at Les Ulis near Paris and has vehicle conversion workshops in 12 Renault plants. The shops, located at the end of Renault’s production lines, are adapted for made-to-measure production. Once a vehicle has been converted, it is fed back into the initial logistics flow. Renault TECH also has a workshop in the French town of Heudebouville that converts vehicles for disabled users.

Renault Consulting

Renault Consulting is a key player in operational efficiency for Renault, the Alliance and its partners. It also works for more than 300 companies across a broad range of sectors. The structure relies on the expertise of over 150 consultants and has three offices, in France, Spain and the UK. 

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