Drive the future

En route for 2022 

After “Drive The Change”, “Drive The Future”. We have driven change; we are now building the future. With this 6-year plan, we are designing the mobility of tomorrow: a sustainable, electric, autonomous, connected mobility. Behind Drive the Future: an ascending growth curve pulled up by investments in the regions and key products, the exploitation of Alliance resources and technologies, increased competitiveness and the extension of our business model to new forms of mobility.
Renault robots taxis

Ensuring sustainable mobility for all, today and tomorrow

Our objective:

generate growth whilst staying as close as possible to customers’ needs. Market by market, from congested megacities to rural areas, from affordable vehicles to robo-taxis, we are building the mobility of tomorrow with Drive The Future.

Boosting our competitiveness

Offering a range of vehicles in every segment


  • By developing our range with 21 new vehicles and broadening our offer to suit the markets.
  • By creating brand-new mobility offers where they are appropriate.
  • By reinforcing the positioning of each brand.
Gamme véhicules Renault
Digital Renault

Optimising our costs by making our value chain more efficient


  • By carrying out a Group-wide digital transformation: industry 4.0, new ways of working (FAST programme), re-designed customer journey.
  • By developing data-driven marketing.

Attracting the best talents and broadening our employees’ skills


  • By developing our engineering and digital skills.
  • By continuing our cooperation with start-ups and tech leaders.
Talent Renault


Embark on the industry 4.0 animated adventure !
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Reinforcing our worldwide presence


  • A balanced regional organisation to serve our customers
  • Profitable growth with a notable increase in our sales by the end of the plan

Utility vehicles: from European leadership to world leadership

  • A full range of electric utility vehicles
  • The introduction of hydrogen in our electric utility vehicles

Building tomorrow’s mobility

Sustainable, electric, autonomous, connected mobility




Electrics models

We shall offer 8 electric models and 12 electrified models.

The widest electric range

As the world’s no. 1 manufacturer of electric utility vehicles, we shall have the widest electric range.

A unique hybrid engine

We offer a unique hybrid engine in the form of the E-Tech, inspired by our Formula 1 know-how, for a progressive transition towards all-electric


Exploiting the resources of the Alliance

Benefiting from the economies of scale and synergies of renault‑nissan‑mitsubishi, the world’s biggest alliance of car manufacturers


80% of Groupe Renault vehicles produced on common platforms


Sharing our investments and our R&D technologies