Senior Vice President, Engineering, Quality & IS/IT Group

He joined Renault in 1976 as a production engineer at a powertrain plant in Billancourt. One year later, he joined the Engine Design Department, where he held a number of jobs in design, testing and development through to 1990. During this period, he spent four years (1983 - 1987) in Detroit, USA. In 1991 he became Head of Advanced Engine Design and Engineering. He remained in this job for four years before taking over the Powertrain Development and Architecture Department. In 1999 he joined the Technical Department of Renault V.I. (Industrial Vehicles) as Director of Engine Design. He joined the Powertrain Engineering Department in January 2002 as Quality Director, before taking over the Chassis System and Equipment Engineering Department in July 2005. On March 1, 2008 he was appointed Senior Vice President, Quality, for the Group. As of June 1st, 2013, he is SVP, Engineering, Quality & IS/IT Group.