Independent Director

offices and other functions in french and international companies

Listed companies

Director, Member of the Appointments and Governance Committee and the Remuneration Committee of Vinci (France)

Director, Member of the Audit and Ethics Committee and Chair of the End-of-Lifecycle Obligations Monitoring Committee for AREVA SA (France)

Non listed companies

Member of the ODAS Compensation Committee (France)

Chairwoman of Thalès International SAS (France)

Chairwoman of Thalès Europe SAS

Permanent representative of Thales in her capacity of Director of ODAS (France)

Other legal entities

Chairwoman of the Board: École de Télécom Paris Tech (France)

Member of the National Academy of Technology (France)

Offices held in other companies in the past five years

Chairwoman-Chief Executive Officer of Thales Communications & Security SAS (France)

Director of the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (France)

Chairwoman and CEO: Thalès Communications & Security SAS (France)

Chairwoman: Thalès Services SAS

Member of the Supervisory Board: Thalès Alenia Space SAS (France)

Member of the Board: Groupe des Industries Françaises Aéronautiques Spatiales (GIFAS)

Member of the Board of Directors of DCNS (France)

Chairwoman of Thales Canada Inc. (Canada)

Director of Thales UK Ltd. (United Kingdom)

Director of Thales Electronics Ltd (United Kingdom)

Member of the Supervisory Board of Thales Netherland BV (Netherlands)

Director of Thales USA Inc. (USA)

Director of Australian Defence Industries Pty Ltd (Australia)

Director of Thales Australia Holdings Pty Ltd (Australia)

Director of Thales Underwater Systems Pty Ltd (Australia)

Director of Thales Training & Simulation Pty Ltd (Australia)

Director of ATM Pty Ltd (Australia)

Director of Australia Corporate Finance Pty Ltd (Australia)

Director of Australia Finance Pty Ltd (Australia)

Permanent representative of Thales in her capacity of Director of SOFRESA (France)

Ms. Sourisse has held numerous corporate offices with subsidiaries of Australian Defence Industries. In the interests of clarity and legibility, all of these offices are not listed here.