Members of the Group Executive Committee (CEG)

Clotilde Delbos

Chief Executive Officer of Renault SA for an interim period, Executive Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer of Groupe Renault and Chairman of the Board of Directors of RCI Banque

Jose Vicente de los Mozos

Deputy Alliance EVP, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations 1 and EVP, Manufacturing and Supply Chain of Groupe Renault

Philippe Guérin-Boutaud

EVP, Quality and Total Customer Satisfaction Groupe Renault

Ali Kassaï Koupaï

EVP, Product Planning and Programs Groupe Renault

Gilles Le Borgne

EVP, Engineering, Groupe Renault

Denis le Vot

EVP, regions, sales and marketing, Groupe Renault

François Roger

EVP, Human Resources, Group Prevention & Protection and Real Estate & Facility Management Groupe Renault

Véronique Sarlat-Depotte

Alliance Global EVP, Purchasing Chairman and Managing Director of the Alliance Purchasing organization

Laurens Van Den Acker

EVP, Corporate Design Groupe Renault

Frédéric Vincent

EVP, Information Systems and Transformation of Groupe Renault and Chairman of Renault Digital