Members of the Group Board of Directors (CDR)

Carlos Ghosn

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Bruno Ancelin

Executive Vice President, Product Planning and Programs Groupe Renault

Denis Barbier

Senior Vice President, Deputy to Executive Vice President, Quality & Total Customer Satisfaction

Thierry Bolloré

Chief Competitive Officer Groupe Renault

Philippe Buros

Senior Vice President, Market area France

Bernard Cambier

Senior Vice President, Chairman of Africa-Middle East-India Region

Marie-Françoise Damesin

Renault-Nissan Alliance Executive Vice President, Alliance Human Resources, and Executive Vice President, Groupe Renault Human Resources

Arnaud Deboeuf

Alliance Senior Vice President for Renault-Nissan BV and the Alliance CEO Office

Clotilde Delbos

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer Groupe Renault, and Chairman of the Board of RCI Banque

Jose-Vicente De Los Mozos Obispo

Executive Vice President, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Groupe Renault

Gaspar Gascon Abellan

Executive Vice President, Product Engineering of Groupe Renault

Thierry Koskas

Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing Groupe Renault

Jean-Christophe Kugler

Executive Vice President, Chairman of Europe Region

Nadine Leclair

Senior Vice President, Expert Fellow

Denis le Vot

Senior Vice President, Chairman of Eurasia region

Stefan Mueller

Executive Vice President, Chief Performance Officer (CPO) Groupe Renault

Olivier Murguet

Chairman of Americas region

Gilles Normand

Senior Vice President, Electric Vehicle

Jérôme Olive

Renault-Nissan Alliance Executive Vice President, Alliance Manufacturing and Supply chain

Thierry Pieton

Senior Vice President, Controller Groupe Renault

François Provost

Chairman of Asia-Pacific region

Ken Ramirez

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Europe G9

Veronique Sarlat-Depotte

Alliance Global Executive Vice President, Purchasing and Chairman & Managing Director of RNPO

Mouna Sepehri

Executive Vice President, Office of the CEO

Laurens Van Den Acker

Senior Vice President, Corporate Design

Michael Van Der Sande

Managing Director of Alpine

Christian Vandenhende

Executive Vice President, Quality and Total Customer Satisfaction Groupe Renault