Members of the Groupe Renault Board of Directors (CDR)

Claude Baland

SVP, Audit, Risk and Ethics Groupe Renault

Philippe Brunet

Alliance SVP, Powertrain and EV Engineering

Philippe Buros

SVP, Chairman of Europe Region Groupe Renault

Fabrice Cambolive

SVP, Chairman of AMI-Pacific Groupe Renault

Jean-Benoit Devauges

SVP, Legal and Public Affairs

Hakan Dogu

Alliance Global VP and Deputy Managing Director, Alliance Aftersales & SVP Aftersales Groupe Renault

François Dossa

Senior Vice President, Transformation and Organisation, Groupe Renault

João Miguel Leandro

Chief Executive Officer of RCI Bank and Services

Nadine Leclair

SVP, Expert Fellow, Groupe Renault

Denis le Vot

Alliance SVP, LCV Business Unit

Nicolas Maure

SVP, Chairman of Eurasia Region

Arnaud Molinié

SVP, Mobility Services

Gilles Normand

SVP, Electric Vehicle

Luiz Pedrucci

SVP, Chairman of Americas Region

Thierry Piéton

SVP, Controller, Groupe Renault

Anthony Plouvier

SVP, TdC Office, Groupe Renault

François Provost

SVP, Chairman of China Region, Groupe Renault

Laurent Rossi

SVP, Corporate Strategy and Business Development and Chief of staff to Groupe Renault CEO

Ivan Segal

SVP, Market Area France

Mouna Sepehri

Special Advisor to the CEO, Groupe Renault

Christian Steyer

Alliance SVP, Product Development 1

Mark Sutcliffe

Alliance SVP, Industrial Strategy and Supply Chain Management

Armelle Volkringer

SVP, Communications, Public Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility Groupe Renault and Renault Foundation

Hadi Zablit

Alliance SVP, Business Development