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Revoz is a wholly owned Renault subsidiary, the only car manufacturer in Slovenia and one of the country’s biggest exporters. Its plant at Novo Mesto is the sole producer of all versions of the Twingo for the entire European market. It also produces the Clio V, and the Smart Forfour as part of a partnership with Daimler.


  • FOUNDED IN: 1955
  • LEGAL FORM AND CAPITAL OWNERSHIP: SA (Société Anonyme) fully owned by Renault
    ACTIVITY: bodywork-assembly
  • WORKFORCE: 2,890 at December 31, 2018
  • MODELS BUILT: Twingo 3, Clio 5, Smart for four (including electric drive)
  • AREA: 67.6 ha, o/w 20 ha of covered buildings
  • CERTIFICATIONS: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 et HPR label
  • ADDRESS: REVOZ d.d., Belokranjska, 8000 Novo Mesto, Slovenia
  • TELEPHONE: + 386 7 331 55 97


  • Twingo 3/Smart: 135 962 units
  • Clio 4: 73 395 units


  • 1955: plant founded.
  • 1969: signing of an industrial cooperation contract with Litostroj for the assembly of the Renault 4, the Renault 6 and the Renault 16 models.
  • 1972: signing of an industrial cooperation contract with IMV.
  • 1989: creation of Revoz, Limited Company held by Renault and IMV which introduces the Renault 5 model in Slovenia.
  • 1992: Renault takes a controlling interest in Revoz by raising its stake to 54%.
  • 1997: manufacturing of Clio I begins.
  • 1998: manufacturing of Clio II begins.
  • 2004: Renault buys the remaining shares of Revoz and becomes its exclusive owner.
  • 2007: production of Twingo II has started at the Novo Mesto plant.
  • 2010: manufacturing of Wind begins. The plant is assigned a new project launched within the partnership between the Alliance and Daimler from Germany.
  • 2014: start-up of current production of Twingo III in early May; start-up of current production of the Smart For Four at the end of September.
  • 2016: launch of production of Smart Forfour EV, the plant's first electric model.
  • 2017: launch of production of Clio IV.
  • 2018: production of the 4 millionth Renault vehicle.