Specialises in the manufacture of powertrains for the Alliance (ND and JR gearboxes).

Main products

  • Gearboxes (ND and JR), oil plumps, shafts, gears and engine components
Production (in units)20162017
Gearboxes619 564725 325


  • 1981: Creation of the CACIA plant which produces gearboxes.
  • 1996: Start-up of activity for constructors outside the Renault group and ISO 9002 certification awarded.
  • 1999: Subsidiarization of the plant.
  • 2000: ISO 14001 certification awarded.
  • 2001: Concentration of the activities for the Renault Nissan Alliance, with the manufacture of ND casings and gearboxes. Introduction of Renault Production System (SPR).
  • 2002: JB gearbox production discontinued, start-up of the JR gearbox production and 9001-2000 certification awarded.
  • 2005: Start of production of powertrain components for the TL4 gearbox.
  • 2006: 25th anniversary of Cacia Plant.
  • 2007: Launch of JR gearbox production.
  • 2008: Launch of ND4 gearbox production.
  • 2009: Award ceremony « Rationalization of energy » by EDP (Electricity of Portugal).
  • 2010: the capacity increase of the manufacturing of gearboxes.
  • 2011: 30th anniversay of Cacia Plant, 6,5 million gearboxes produced.
  • 2012: new facilities (the Cacia logistics network opened, as well as an infirmary, a thermal processing unit, and a cultural and sports centre); workstations with computers for all employees.
  • 2013: three new production lines started making parts for the H engine.
  • 2014: increased capacity for H5 parts and new projects (M9T Gen4 balancer shafts and H4 distribution housing).
  • 2015: H part activity growth.
  • 2016: Renault and Alliance Manufacturing Awards: Best Performance - Cacia; Prime Minister Visit & Competitiveness Agreement.
  • 2017: Gearboxes JT4 Project.