This plant is specialised in the manufacture of light commercial vehicles.

Production (in units)20162 017
Master 384 56591 120
Nissan NV 4009 0646 032
Movano / Vauxhall39 19533 456


  • 1972 : Project conceived by SAVIEM
  • 1977 - 1979 : Construction (RVI establishment)
  • 1980: Creation of the Batilly plant. SOVAB becomes a general partnership (SNC) forming part of Renault (instead of Renault V.I.). Manufacturing of Master begins.
  • 1981: Manufacturing of Trafic begins.
  • 1982: Manufacturing of the B70 model begins.
  • 1986: Manufacturing of the B90 Turbo model (range B) begins.
  • 1987: Discontinuation of Trafic production (resumed in 1989).
  • 1989: The B70 and B90 models become the B80 and B110 models.
  • 1991: Manufacturing of the B120 model begins.
  • 1994: SOVAB first Renault plant to achieve SQCA classification.
  • 1996: LCVs distribution partnership between Renault and General Motors Europe.
  • 1997: Manufacturing of the new Master, voted ‘Van of the year 1998′.
  • 2000: Start-up of the Internal Logistics Preparation Centre.
  • 2001: Installation of the first Supplier Forward Store.
  • 2003: Manufacturing of Master rear wheel drive. 1 million manufactured vehicles. Manufacturing of the new Master begins.
  • 2004: Launch of New Master Propulsion.
  • 2007: Production record with 112,143 Masters.
  • 2008: Reworking of the manufacturing process to welcome the new Master (investment of 151 million euros)
  • 2009: Discontinuation of the Master  propulsion. Continuation of the developpment of X62 project.
  • 2010: production of the 1 050 101th Master X70. This is the end of 13 years o fsuccess. Launch of New Master X62
  • 2011: The plant built its 100 000th New Master. Master is elected VAN OF THE YEAR 2011.  Start of production of the  NV400 (X62 Nissan).
  • 2012: Start of the project “Master 2014, together for the performance”.  The SOVAB invests in 43 000 solar pannel (75 000m2).
  • 2013: The two millionth vehicle produced by the SOVAB left the workshops in June (70% of the Masters made at the plant are sent to a broad Europe); €30 million were invested to modernise the site and improve working conditions.
  • 2014: Updating of the Master range with the launch of phase 1′ (a new design and new range of engines); work aimed at improving the site’s capacity continued, particularly a complete overhaul of the body-in-white procedure.
  • 2015: The site celebrated its 35th anniversary and organised an open day. Basketball champion Tony Parker came to pay tribute to employees’ expertise; the plant beat its previous production record, with 126,461 vehicles assembled.
  • 2016: New production record : 132 825 vehicles. The plant continues to integrate its new employees, 103 new crew members join Batilly during the year. New company project, CAP+2018, and an ambition "Together, to become the best van factory in Europe"
  • 2017: In March, a visit by French Prime Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve. The keys to the 2,500,000th vehicle assembled are presented to a Polish fleet customer.