Industrial site comprising a body/assembly unit and a power train unit.

Main products

  • SM3 (Fluence), SM3 ZE (Fluence ZE), Latitude (SM5), SM6 (Talisman), SM7, QM5 (Koléos),  Nissan Rogue



  • 1994: Nissan and the Samsung group sign an agreement for an industrial technology transfer with the licence for the manufacturing of a top of the range vehicle.
  • 1995: Creation of Samsung Motors Inc. and construction of the Busan plant in accordance with Nissan technology standards.
  • 1998: Manufacturing of SM5 begins.
  • 2000: Creation of Renault Samsung Motors (RSM).
  • 2002: Manufacturing of SM3 begins.
  • 2003: Manufacturing of SM5 2004 begins.
  • 2004: Launch of SM3 CVTC 1.6(July) Launch of SM7 (December).
  • 2005: New SM5 launched. SM3 New Generation start of sales.
  • 2007: Jun 22, Start production of M4R Engine.
    Nov 15, Launch of QM5(Koléos).
  • 2008: Start production of New SM3.
  • 2009: Start production of New SM5 (L43).
  • 2011: Start production of New SM7 (L47), New QM5 (Koléos).
  • 2013: Start production of SM3 ZE (Fluence ZE).
  • 2014: Start production of Rogue.
  • 2015 : Start production of SM7 LPLi 2.0
  • 2016 : Start production of SM6 (LFD), Start production of QM5 (HZG)
  • 2017: Start production of HZG Europe W08, LFD KOR TAXI W25, P32R 18MY W35