The plant is specialized in the renovation of the mechanical parts.

Renovated products: engines, transmissions, turbo compressors, cylinder heads, injection pumps…

Production (in units)20162017
E.S. powertrain16 841  25 624
SR. Engines20 544  28 645


  • 1949: Renault buys the plant : setting up of the standard exchange engine reconditioning activity.
  • 1950: First spring workshops come on stream.
  • 1951-1962: Participation in the SNCF railcar reconstruction program and the construction of the pneumatic-tyred metro, resulting in the transfer of the rolling stock manufacturing unit to the plant. Disposal of the Renault Rolling Stock division businesses in 1962.
  • 1959: Increasing focus on the automotive sector and specialisation in the tube fabrication and the manufacture of large volumes of wire and strip steel parts.
  • 1980: Start-up of complete subsystem assembly (external gear shifts).
  • 1999: Industrial cooperation in the field of suspension springs.
  • 2000: Creation of Allevard Renault Technologie Froid (ARTF), a joint subsidiary of Renault (51%) and the French component supplier Allevard (49%).
  • 2001: ARTF leaves the Renault group.
  • 2002: Development of the plan to transfer the reconditioning of ‘standard exchange’ gearboxes from the CACIA plant (Portugal) to Choisy, with the aim of creating the Renault’s European mechanical device reconditioning unit. Start-up of an assembly line for new engines for the Indian automaker Mahindra.
  • 2003: Creation of PEROM (Pôle Européen de Rénovation des Organes Mécaniques). Start-up of the product line for the renovation of JB mechanical gearboxes.
  • 2004: Installation and start-up of a recycling workshop (body work and powertrains) by Renault’s recycling subsidiary.
  • 2005: Start-up of the renovation of PK boxes.
  • 2006: Assembling of rear axles Twingo 1
  • 2008: Extension of the motor line assembled in Choisy, with motors 1.9 dCi (F9Q) and 2.2 dCi (G9) motors.
  • 2008-2009: Assembling of rear axles of Clio Campus produced in Flins Plant.
  • 2011: brand extension with delivery of the bottom-engine and start of the material recovery to the Group foundry
  • 2012: Start-up of renovation of turbo-compressors.
  • 2013: Assembly of  the first H4JT engines for Douai and Palencia.
  • 2014: On 3 July the plant receives the Circular Economy Trophy from the President of the Circular Economy Institute.
  • 2015: All the turbos renovated. K9 and M9 engines renovated.
  • 2016: Start-up of steering column renovation.
  • 2017 : Renovation of the FAP (Particle filter) and delivery of the mechanical components network