Cleon ensures the production of engines and gearboxes for all Renault vehicles. The plant also provides engine and gearboxes to Dacia, Renault Samsung Motor, Nissan under the Alliance, General Motors, Fiat and Damler.

Main products : 

  • Engines: F4R, F9Q, M9R, M9T, V9X, R9M, R240 
  • Gearboxes (J and P). 
  • Foundry parts (aluminium)
Production (in units)20162017
Engines868 556  897 070
Electric Engines30 078  42 689
Gearboxes488 876  408 744
Foundry Normandie (Aluminium)17 500  19 783


  • 1958: Creation of the Cléon plant which produces gearboxes.
  • 1960: Construction of a second building dedicated to engines.
  • 1964: Creation of the aluminium foundry. Casting of the first aluminium cylinder blocks for the Renault 16 model.
  • 1970: Construction of a new building for the production of gearboxes, and then engines.
  • 1999: Cléon foundry becomes part of Teksid, 66.5%-held by Fiat and 33.5%-held by Renault.
  • 2000: Development of flexible production lines.
  • 2001: Transfer of the Prototype Mechanical Part Manufacturing Department to Cléon.
  • 2005: Production start-up of the M9R (2.0 dCi), the first Alliance engine, and the PK4 gearbox.
  • 2007: An overseas dock was built to ship M9 engines directly to Japan and South Korea.
  • 2008: 50th anniversary of the Plant.
  • 2009: Production start-up of the V9X (V6 dCi 3.0l), Alliance engine.
  • 2011 : Integration of the foudry at the plant. Start of production of Energy dCi 130 engine.
  • 2012 : Opening ceremony of the Global Training Center.
  • 2013 : production of theinterconnection box for electric engine gen2.
  • 2014: Production launch of the twin-turbo engine for the Alliance.
  • 2015: Production of the Renault R240 electric motor launched.
  • 2016: Lauch of the vision "to make Cléon, the key plant for the automobile of tomorrow", 25% increase in production.
  • 2017: Inauguration of the 3 new ASL (Alliance Standard Line) machining lines.