Cordoba, past and present

From the start, the plant produced Renault vehicles, starting with Dauphine, under the supervision of Kaiser Argentina. Dauphine was followed by Frégate and Ondine. In 1967, Renault became the majority shareholder with a 70% stake. The entity changed its name to IKA Renault then Renault Argentina SA. Over the years, the plant has built a number of brand models:  Renault 4 (1963-1997), Renault 6 (1969-1984), Renault 12 (1970-1994), Renault 18 (1981-1998), Renault Fuego (1982-1995) and Renault 19 (1993-2000).

In 2010, Renault invested 135 million Argentine pesos to modernize the Santa Isabel plant, replacing the existing installations with a new single-flow production line. Production is currently focused on Kangoo (PC and LCV), Clio II, Symbol and Fluence.