What does Envigado do?

Located just outside Medellin, the Envigado plant builds Clio II, Logan, Sandero and, since early 2012, Duster. All badged by Renault.

Emblematic models

Opened in 1970, the plant initially built the Renault 4 (until 1992). This was followed by other models for the South-American market:  Renault 6, Renault 12, Renault 18, Renault 21 and Renault Mégane I.

In 2008, Renault acquired the stakes held by Toyota and Mitsui to become full owner of SOFASA.

Envigado was the last plant to build first-generation Twingo until June 2012. An impressive 18-year career with 99,833 examples built.


The Envigado site, which holds ISO 14001 certification, shares the environmental protection objectives set by Renault. The site is pursuing a number of initiatives to reduce the impact of its activity: limiting energy and water consumption, treating wastewater before re-use, reducing hazardous waste and atmospheric emissions, and recycling industrial waste.