Renault Le Mans build car-to-ground connecting components for  the Renault Group and for the Alliance.

Production (in units)20162017
Rear suspensions1 680 142 1 739 637
Front suspensions 1 236 806 942 015 
Foundry (in tonnes) 124 793   111 733   


  • 1920: Creation of the Le Mans plant.
  • 1993: Creation of the Le Mans Foundry (FLM).
  • 1997: Le Mans plant becomes a general partnership subsidiary of ACI and takes the name of Renault Le Mans.
  • 1998: “Drive line joint” partnership agreement with Japan’s NTN.
  • 1999: Creation of two general partnerships (SNC): – Société Nouvelle de Transmission (80% Renault, 20% NTN). SNT’s activities are gradually transferred to NTN Transmission Europe (production site at Allones, Sarthe). – Auto Chassis International, grouping together under the same authority all the engineering, manufacturing and marketing resources relating to chassis parts produced for Renault and other carmakers.
  • 2000: Tractor business placed under the responsibility of Renault Agriculture, with the creation of a Renault Agriculture unit at Le Mans.
  • 2004: Founding of the Chassis Manufacturing department, to oversee production at all the “chassis” sites.
  • 2005: The structure of ACI changes, concerning the attachment of some departments. For example, the purchasing department of ACI is now attached to the joint Renault Nissan RNPO purchasing organization.
  • 2007: Flexibility Agreement.
  • 2008-2009: New molding site in the foundry.
  • 2013: Start-up of production of the fixed traverse section (a new part) for the CMF1 platform.
  • 2014: Launch of the new company project: Renault Le Mans, the benchmark chassis for the Alliance in 2017.
  • 2015: Over €10 million invested in modernising the machine-tooling lines.
  • 2016: Production of the 50 millionth rotor at the Foundry. Production start-up of the New Micra chassis.
  • 2017: New Nissan Micra chassis production start-up.