Production is mainly for the Southamerican plants.

Main products

  • Gearboxes:
    JB, JH, JR et SX
Production (in units)201620172018 
Gearboxes    296 206  307 062322 147


  • 1968: Creation of Industria Automotriz Renault Chile, a Renault subsidiary. Assembly of the Renault 4L model at the Arica plant.
  • 1969: Creation of the Cormecanica plant in Los Andes.
  • 1971: Activities transferred from Arica to Los Andes plant, which assembles first the Renault 4L model and then the Renault 12 model.
  • 1979: Manufacturing of the Renault 18 model by Automotores Franco Chilena begins. Chile becomes the second country to produce this model, barely one year after its French production launch.
  • 1980: The Cormecanica plant becomes a Renault operation.
  • 1991: Local vehicle production discontinued.
  • 2004: Start of operations of the “Importer countries” division in Chile.
  • 2005: Cornemecanica obtains the “Health, Safety, and Working Conditions” label.
  • 2008: Beginning of machining of JH gearbox housing in Cormecanica.
  • 2009:3 million gearboxes produced
  • 2010: production of BV JH3 for Fluence and JB3 for Symbol in Argentina
  • 2011: 500K Project
  • 2012: Manufacturing of the site's 4 millionth gearbox and the Renault group's 50 millionth J gearbox produced worldwide.
  • 2016: 5 million gearboxes procuded on the site. First GB SG1.
  • 2017 : Manufacturing gearboxes Sx