Founded in 1998 and wholly owned by Renault, the Renault Russia company produces and sells Groupe Renault vehicles in Russia.

Production (in units)20162017
Kaptur18 115  33 407  
Duster/Terrano - 65 763  


  • 1916: Creation of the Société Anonyme Russky Renault in Saint Petersburg.
  • 1966: Signing of a series of agreements concerning engineering, supply and construction of facilities. Some of the major agreements signed from 1966 to 1983: Moskvitch (automobiles), Kamaz (trucks), Kharkov (tractors), Alexandria (contactors) and Pskov (welding machines).
  • 1998: Creation of Avtoframos, a Russian company under the Russian law with an initial share capital of RUB 124 million (EUR 4.6 million). Avtoframos, equally owned by Renault and the city of Moscow, produces and sells Renault vehicles in Russia.
  • 2000: Increase of $ 117 million in Avtoframos’ share capital, with Renault bringing (in a cash contribution) and the city of Moscow (contributes fixed assets).
  • 2003: Announcement of a EUR 230 million investment for the production and sales of Logan.
  • 2004: Construction of the Avtoframos plant and preparation of the launch of Logan.
  • 2005: Inauguration of the Avtoframos plant. Sales launch of Logan.
  • 2006: Production of the 50 000th Logan; certificate ISO 9001 obtained.
  • 2008 : April : Compliance with ISO 1400 confirmed; Octobre: Manufacturing of 200,000th Logan.
  • 2010: In March, Renault boosted annual production capacity of the plant to 160,000 units. Production of Renault Sandero. 300,000 Logan manufactured in autumn. November : Launch of production of Sandero Stepway.
  • 2011: in March, the plant manufactured Mégane Sedan and Fluence in SKD. November, the plant produced 30 vehicle/hour. In December, the plant started the production of Renault Duster.
  • 2012: In February, 500 000 cars are fabricated at the plant since its launch. In March, the plant manufactured Duster; in June: Koleos, Latitude DKD ; in July: Fluence CKD, 100 000th Duster produced; in September, capacity of the plant increase on 17%, 188 000 cars per year; in September – JSC “Avtoframos” now belongs to Renault on 100%.
  • 2013: in March – plant starts to produce Fluence Phase 2; in October – Megane Phase 2. In August Renault Russia celebrates its 15th aniversary.
  • 2014: In April plant starts to produce Megane NBI, in May – Nissan Terrano. In May assembling of Koleos and Latitude DKD is stopped. In August manufactured 200 000th Duster.
  • 2015: In April Renault Duster won the “Car of the year 2015″ award in the SUV nomination. In June the new Renault Duster phase 2 was launched. In September the Moscow Renault plant celebrated the 10-year anniversary.
  • 2016: In April the new crossover Renault Kaptur was launched.
  • 2017: In January the 20 000 Renault Kaptur was produced; March, 9 – a meeting of the plant managers with 1600 operators (in three sessions) was held for the first time; April, 25 – Serguey Sirotkin, third pilot of the Formula 1 team, visited the Moscow Renault plant. In April 2017, Renault Kaptur won the first prize of the All-Russia Za Rulem Grand Prix in the “Contribution to Russia” category.